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Scheduling Presentations

To recommend a presentation of the awareness and power of Search Institute’s Forty Developmental Assets, by Steve Russell, please click on Steve’s email address and email the following information to

    • Name of the Group/Organization & City
    • Leader/Program Director/Contact Member of the Organization
    • His/Her Email
    • His/Her Phone Number

Some suggested groups are:

  • Service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, etc.)
  • Parent-teacher groups
  • School faculty meetings (public or private)
  • Parent and youth groups at churches
  • Parent support groups
  • Scout leaders
  • Civic leaders
  • Mentoring organizations
  • Neighborhood meetings & block parties
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Many other possibilities

    Thanks for keeping Steve busy and booked up!

P.O. Box 6624, Tyler, Texas 75711

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